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Component assembly & final assembly by a specialist team

In addition to the production of complex components, likewise we offer the commissioning or assembly of these components. In this regard you determine the degree of value creation. Our services include complete organization and manufacturing of assembly sets or finished assemblies – jointed and tested. A team of qualified specialists is equal to any task in this regard. For a decade we have been a recognized manufacturer in the areas of mechanical, pneumatic, hydraulic, and electrical engineering. In addition to standardized testing processes, our flexible handling of your requirements enables customizing of these testing processes, e.g. through function tests on test rigs. Profit from our high-performance partnership.


  Order system modules from HAVLAT – your advantages at a glance

  Installation-ready precision components from a single supplier
  Scalable collaboration – from single parts to series
  Extensive experience in implementation and consulting

  Partial or total CNC processing
  Extensive range of materials
  Heat treatment and surface treatment in cooperation
  Certified quality and energy management

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This is how job order production works at HAVLAT.

 Our assembly services in overview

We assemble the following for you:

   Mechanical components (in-house manufacturing)  

e.g. precision parts

   Mechanical components (bought-in)  

e.g. linear guide, ball screw

   Electrical components  

e.g. electric drives

   Pneumatic & hydraulic components  

e.g. lubricating systems

Complex assembly tasks

   Competence portfolio

  Basic machines

  Construction of jigs and fixtures

  Small assemblies

  Functional assemblies

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