Performance Spectrum

Your advantages:

  • Experience as a manufacturing service provider
  • Relevant machining know-how
  • Diverse and modern machine fleet
  • Certified quality and energy management
  • Company organization supported by an ERP system
  • Collaborative partnership with customers
  • Heat treatment and surface treatment in cooperation
  • Products of high precision and quality

Leistungs-Cube V6

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   Turn technology  
Diameter 10 mm to 5,200 mm

   Mill technology  
Length 10 mm to 14,000 mm

   Grind technology  
Diameter 10 mm to 1,800 mm
Length 10 mm to 2,000 mm

   Assembly processes  
System assemblies of complex components

   Wire and sink EDM  
Length 10 mm to 500 mm

   Cutting of material  
cutting range to 600 mm


e.g. structural, quality, and tool steels

   Cast materials  
e.g. cast steel and gray cast iron

   Stainless steels  
e.g. high-strength, rust-resistant and heat-resistant steels

   NF metals  
e.g. aluminum, copper, brass and bronze

e.g. nickel and titanium alloys

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